Types of Backyard Shed Plans

If you are thinking about building a shed in your backyard one of your first decisions will be to pick a shed plan style. The design of your shed will affect the way you can store things in it and how it compliments your property.


Most backyard shed plans can be considered a garden shed but the most common style to be considered garden shed are ones that have steeper roof pitches and detailed trim work. They often look like a cape cod cottage instead of a wood box with a sloped roof.

Lean To

Lean to shed plans are the simplest shed style to build. They have a single sloping roof plane that goes from one side of the shed to the other without a ridgeline. Lean to sheds can be built with or without walls depending on how you want to use it. The lean to shed is the basis for the modern shed.


The most popular style to be used as a home office is the modern shed plan. A modern shed is simply a lean to that has had windows and nicer finishes added so it can be used as a work space. The extra windows and door with glass on it give a modern shed the look and feel of a professional office space. The modern shed is also popular to be used as a work studio or workout room.


A barn shed is a great backyard shed plan. By building a mini barn you can have the look and usefulness of a country farm barn in your backyard. The gambrel barn has plenty of extra storage space in the loft area. Other barn sheds include the raised center aisle and the regular gambrel barn.


Large backyard shed plans are not for every yard because of their size but if you have the room and the need a large shed is a great way to get extra work or storage space. Larger sheds often have two doors, a large door to move equipment in and out of and a smaller door used to access the work area of the shed. Some large ones even have a garage door on them.

Garage Door

Having a garage door on a backyard shed is a great shed accessory that makes the interior very accessible. It will typically need to be a large shed so there is room for the door to roll up and have room to be stored when it is in the open position.


Having a backyard greenhouse is a great way to start plants for your yard or garden and to extend the growing season. Most greenhouses have at least half of the shed covered in a translucent polycarbonate roofing material that lets in lots of daylight. They also have wood tables and a floor that will let water drain out of the shed from the inside.


Seasoning and storing firewood should be done under the protection of a roof. The size of the storage building will determine how much firewood can be stored inside. The size you build should coincide with the amount of firewood you burn during a year and since it takes a year to season wood and then a year to burn it you may consider having storage capacity for two years. There are backyard shed plans for firewood storage of ½ cord to 3 cords. If you need larger than that you may consider building a open walled lean to shed.

Using these style guidelines should help you decide on the perfect backyard shed plan for your yard or garden. After you pick the style you will need to choose a size that fits your needs and budget.

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