Information on the Different Carpet Cleaning Processes

We’ve all swept dirt under the carpet at some moment or the other, but we’ve rarely wondered about the cleaning of a carpet. The numerous ways that comes with the proper maintenance of simple object like a carpet will rarely fail to surprise a person. While designing methods of cleansing a carpet, various complexities arise- the tuft structure, the difficult material etc, which in turn create way for the heterogeneous ways of carpet cleaning. Also, the amount of traffic, and proximity of children or pets in the house creates many problems for the well being of the carpet.

There are usually 5 contrary types of carpet cleaning:

1. Foam cleaning

2. Bonnet cleaning

3. Dry method

4. Steam cleaning

5. Shampoo method

1. Foam cleaning: As the name suggests, a detergent is used to produce bubbles, which is then sprayed onto the carpet by means of a specific blower. The foam should be allowed to stay on the carpet for around 2-3 hours. This causes the foam particles to get adhered to the many dirt particles on the carpet. After around 2-3 hours of standing, the foam is to be vacuumed off, where the foam particles would go and take most of the dirt with it. Being a cross between the dry process and shampooing, foam cleaning is not a really complex method.

2. Bonnet method: The bonnet method or less commonly known as carbonated cleaning is a cross between the dry method and steam cleaning. Quite simple in steps, bonnet method consists of a rotary brush joined with a secondary stiff brush, designed to be operated on moist pads. The carpet is normally soaked in a cleaning solution, earlier application of the rotary brushes.

3. Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning involves 3 discrete steps to the last. A specialized essential powder element is sprayed onto the carpet and is allowed to settle down for the next few minutes (preferably around 15 minutes). With a motorized spreader, the powder is spread. And ultimately vacuum off the powder and the dirt it has gathered.

4. Steam cleaning: Now, this is the most ordinary of all carpet cleaning methods. However, the surprising thing about the procedure is that there is no steam! The method involves extracting hot water with a cleansing solution via a wand. The carpet is mentally divided into segments and each portion is covered at a time. When plastic wands are considered the actual dirty water coming from the carpet is visible.

5. Shampoo method: This is perhaps the oldest among all carpet cleaning methods. The method is not really effective and approximately become obsolete among commercial cleaners. It is not really effective as well. A detergent with a buffer solution is spread onto the carpet. Contrary parts are done one at a time with a brush. It is as simple as it gets.

The selection of a specific process involves evaluation of criteria such as amount of money involved, amount of dirt, how much cleaning is needed etc. optimistically the above information will be more than a handful when considering the options.

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