Getting The Most Out of a Small Kitchen Space

If your home has a small kitchen, then you may find that the designs for your kitchen do not comply with the space you have at your disposal. When you have a tiny kitchen space, then your design needs to incorporate as much as possible without leaving the room feeling cramped and crowded. Furniture such as tables and chairs should be as sleek and as uncomplicated as possible, try to choose chairs that are stackable when not in use and tables that fold away for easy storage.

Make Smart Use Of Light And Color

When you are redecorating your kitchen, choose lighter colors such as white or pale blues and yellows as this will make your kitchen appear larger. If you make the mistake of using darker colors then you will actually be making your smaller kitchen appear even smaller. Plus you can eradicate shadows and dark areas of your kitchen by making use of ceiling mounted spot lights, which will also make your kitchen look taller.

Choose Clever Storage Options

The design of your kitchen needs to incorporate storage options, as this is one of the most important features of any kitchen. Small kitchens can suffer from a lack of suitable storage space and this can make them appear cluttered and cramped. Installing a lazy Susan in the corner of a cabinet is one way that you can try and add extra storage space to a small kitchen. There are loads of great ideas out there to help you maximize your kitchen space, and small kitchens do not need to be cramped and full of clutter.

Look At Various Tile Options

Restyling the floor of the kitchen is also one of the ways in which you can make your small kitchen appear larger. Try to avoid using kitchen floor tiles that are too large as smaller tiles will give the illusion of more space, and this will make your room appear larger than it actually is. Lighter and reflective surfaces are a great way to make your small kitchen appear bigger and give it a roomier feel.

Do not worry if you feel that there is not enough space to have all of the appliances that you want. There are many companies who are now making smaller appliances that are ideal for the more compact kitchens. Compact ovens, dishwashers and cooker tops are now available from a number of assorted retailers and there is bound to be one that suits your needs.

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