Challenging the Paradigm of the Elder Care Industry

Barbara states that she wanted to develop a service advocating for the right of all seniors to receive excellent care, and to most importantly remain safe in the receiving of that care. Nice idea, but how can you do such a thing?

“We decided to ask the seniors that have used or are currently using a service how they felt about the service they receive. Who better to attest to the quality of a service than the senior receiving the care …” states Ms. Mascio.

Question: Yes, but couldn’t the consumer simply ask a healthcare professional for a recommendation? Or go to the yellow pages, pick up a print directory of services or use the Internet to search the choices?

“Of course, that’s the way it’s always been done. But does it make sense? How do you tell which of the multiple choices available to you is going to serve your loved one with the up most concern? Any business can pay for an ad or market effectively enough to get listed on a discharge planners’ list”, answers Ms. Mascio.

Question: What services do you provide that are so different from ‘the way it’s always been done…’

We are developing the industry’s first One-Call-Solution. Soon, regardless of what type of service you need, (medical or non-medical) you’ll have access to it through us.

Businesses that receive clients from Senior Approved Services do not pay referral fees, however these business cannot receive clients until they’ve been surveyed. We accept and Certify those with a 90% or higher ‘senior satisfaction rating’.

We remain as a link between the senior receiving care and the business providing the care, yet seniors access our full service at no charge.

We take the heat off healthcare professionals tasked with making recommendations to their clients.

We offer a free work/life benefit program for employers to pass on to their employees.

We’ve created a method to help non-profit organizations generate additional funds.

Regardless of your level of involvement within the elder care industry, you will find service at [] and at []