7 Hardwood Species To Install In Your Home

7 Hardwood Species To Install In Your Home

Are you planning of installing hardwood floors in your house? There are different species of wood flooring that you can use. The wood species that you choose depend on the style of your room and personal preference. Some of the wood species that you can go with include:

Maple and Birch

These two have a whitish color and come with light brown grain lines that are smooth to touch. The two types of floors help you in creating a clean, modern look in your house. They are also excellent if you are interested in brightening up your dark room.


Oak is usually brown in color and has dark grain lines. There are two types of oak species that you can go with: red and white oak. Red oak has a pinkish tinge while white oak is browner. Both types of oak species aid in creating a traditional-looking wood floor.


Hickory is well known for its good strength and shock resistance. In addition to being used in floors, it’s also used in other applications such as: furniture, cabinetry, ladders, and tool handles. The unique thing about it is its unique grain design and color variations.


It has dynamic grain and knots that contribute in giving your home a positive energy. Since it’s hard, you can be sure that your floor will last for a long time. You are also sure that the floor will retain its elegant look for a long time.


Walnut is brown in color and has good-to-look-at swirling grain. The tone of the floor makes your house shine. Walnut looks great when it has an antique look. To give wood an antique look you only need to scrap it.


The color of cherry varies from red to reddish brown. In addition to its great color, the species has a straight grain and a satiny, smooth texture. While you can install it in its natural way, you can bring out its beauty and elegance by custom scraping it.


It’s almost similar to oak in appearance; however, it’s slightly whiter in color. The cool thing with it is that its durable and you can use it in many other ways. Due to its hard nature, it’s ideal for rooms that experience a lot of traffic.


These are some of the hardwood species that you can use in your home. For ideal results you should ensure that you buy it from a reputable store.