Today’s Home Alarm Systems

Today’s Home Alarm Systems

The Alarm systems of today are quite different from those of just a few years ago. The basic premise is the same, if the controller senses an open door or movement, it will sound a siren and call a central station or the police. The difference is today’s alarm systems adds all sorts of useful and convenient features. Let’s look at some of these new features:

Most of the door, window and motion sensors are wireless instead of hard-wired systems. They could be either Wi-Fi or a propriety wireless communication. The control panel will usually connect with the central station via cell rather than land line of old. The overall underlying technology is better and more reliable, which will generate less false alarms.

All wireless alarm devices will be powered by a battery. This may be the only advantage that a hard-wired system has over a wireless system. However, I believe that a wireless system is better, especially since battery technology is getting stronger. Most wireless systems have batteries that will last up to five years or longer.

On my new alarm system, I discovered that when we activated or deactivated the panel a photograph was taken, if there was an alarm of some type a video was automatically started.

Wi-Fi cameras and even doorbell cameras can be connected into the most of today’s alarm systems. Once the panel is activated any type of alarm will cause the cameras to turn on and record and store in the cloud which you will control. And Wi-Fi camera’s you have the ability to visually check you home t any time.

Smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be added to many alarm systems. Once added you will be able to control your alarm with your voice and notifications can be sent to your smart phone. Some smart assistants can even listen for a siren sound and once heard it will notify you that it heard a siren. This can happen without the smart assistant being added into your alarm system.

If you are considering a new alarm system such as the one described above, you must also consider the security of the system and of your Wi-Fi itself. First make sure that your Wi-Fi router is secure, has a very strong password that you changed and has its latest updates. Make sure that all Wi-Fi cameras are also secured in the same way. Finally, the alarm control panel communication must also be secured and locate the panel at least six feet away from any doors.