Front Door Security Tips For A Theftproof Home

Front Door Security Tips For A Theftproof Home

Front door security is invaluable in protecting your home from uninvited guests from stealing your possessions and endangering the safety of your loved ones. Some homeowners invest on this by purchasing doors made of high quality materials. But what can you do if you are just renting your place and replacement of the doors requires the approval of the landlord? The quickest and cost-effective way to get the home protection you need is to purchase gadgets that can add the extra strength to your current door.

There are a number of locking gadgets that are available in most hardware stores. In truth, they are also for purchase online. You can choose among bars, chains, cylinders and deadbolts for a start. Relying solely on the locks that built-in the door knobs would not be safe. Adding extra protection by installing any of these gadgets will only take an hour of your time or less with the help of an expert.

In most front security door issues, the police suggest of using deadbolts and deadlocks. The ideal size for a deadbolt lock would be grade 1 or grade 2. It should be made of solid metal with the absence of exposed screws. Its throwbolt must measure at least an inch long. A throwbolt shorter than that would not give the protection needed. Deadlocks, on the other hand, is a variation of the deadbolts. It is also known as ‘exit-only deadbolt’ primarily because it does not have an external key to open it up from the outside. The only thing to do so is kick open the door with such great force.

Thieves can be very crafty at times with locks. If you are keen about not letting them go, you can opt for the installation of door alarms. These gadgets come in different designs. The best type to have is the one that is motion sensitive which makes the loudest sound at the slightest movement detected. The key details you might want to look for are strobing lights and the sound effects of a barking dog or police car siren. This can scare thieves away and threaten them to never go back.

All these gadgets would be futile if you are careless about some home safety stuffs. For your information, most thieves already know that home entrances are secured by all means. Therefore, they look for other openings where they can possibly enter. These are the likes of windows and back doors that are left open. When leaving your house even for a short time, be sure to have all possible entrances locked. Installing alarms for windows can be best too.

For additional front door security, you can also install viewers. These can help you control the identity of the people whom you are letting into your residence. Just choose viewers or peep holes that are wide angled. Keep them installed in at eye level. If there is a very small price difference between a regular viewer and a viewer with cover, just go with the latter so that anyone from outside cannot view your home inside.

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