Important Features In New Kitchens

Whenever people walk into new kitchens, they’re bound to notice several fixtures that stand out from the rest. Most likely, you would also use these fixtures more often than any other.


Prominent cabinets are perhaps the true hallmark of modern kitchens. Despite having been in existence for many years, recent innovations and design variations have produced highly efficient and aesthetically appealing storage spaces.

The choice of cabinet finishing will definitely play a critical role in the overall look of your kitchen. For instance, classic wood finishing would create a rustic look within the cooking space. Therefore, choice of cabinet should not just be based on utility, but also its aesthetic value. Otherwise, you might end up with a horrible look, despite having adequate storage space.


You might not really notice the sink at first glance, but you’re sure to use it much more frequently than most other fittings. Hence, your choice of sink will be largely skewed towards utility rather than aesthetic appeal.

The first consideration of an appropriate sink is its size. It should provide adequate space for cleaning all your utensils. In fact, the Australian Standard AS DR01314 – Draft for Design, Construction and Fit Out of Food Premises expressly dictates that the largest item to be washed should be able to fit in the sink. Although this directive applies to commercial premises, it would be quite convenient for you to have a large enough sink at home.

Placement of the sink would also affect its utility and also contribute to the overall look within your kitchen. In some instances, it may be placed on the island rather than the wall unit, where it’s normally situated. However, the important aspect is that it is easily accessible during the food preparation process.

Counter Tops

Counter tops are a uniquely prominent feature within the cooking space. They provide a key focal point that enhances the kitchen layout. Various types of materials can be used to achieve this.

Granite is one such material. Apart from bearing uniquely dazzling features, this material is also quite strong with the capacity to effectively resist chipping and cracking. This makes it quite popular among many home owners (a 2008 survey by Stone World revealed that a majority of customers (55%) preferred granite over synthetic stone (12%)). However, the only drawback with this material is its porous crystalline structure. Fortunately, the fissures (small spaces) can be covered up through regular sealing.

Quartz also works well on counter tops. This material can be found in numerous color variations including: apple green, fire-engine red, black, cream and earthy brown. It actually has a higher rate of hardness compared to granite and resists chipping and cracking better. Moreover, it is non-porous and repels such stains as wine, coffee, oil or vinegar; hence, making it easy to clean. What this means, is that you benefit from all the qualities of stone and laminates, simply by having quartz counter tops. No wonder a 2013 Natural and Manufactured Stone Products Industry Report indicated that quartz products were outpacing the overall industry growth.

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