Gas Heaters Suitable for Businesses and Restaurants

Gas Heaters Suitable for Businesses and Restaurants

Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that businesses and restaurants suddenly have fewer customers. No, people still want to go out and enjoy themselves. Restaurants and businesses want to provide a warm and cosy environment for their customers to ensure that they are comfortable and have a great time. Luckily, there is an affordable solution that won’t cut into the businesses electricity bill and will offer a safe and warm solution. This range of gas heaters will provide warmth for your customers while enhancing the look of the store as well.

For smaller restaurants and businesses, the Full Body Gas Heater is ideal. It can quickly warm up a small restaurant area or office. The constant heat will filter through the room and maintain the warm temperature. The Full Body Gas Heater weighs 12 kilograms and it uses a 9 kilogram gas cylinder that can last for quite a long period. It doesn’t have any cables or wires so you don’t have to worry about your customers tripping over any electrical cables. It is easy to move as it includes castors. It also includes a regulator and hose, an automatic ignition, 3 panel ceramic tiles and 3 heat settings. This gas heater has a build in oxygen detection safety pilot system for extra caution. The business should take precautions ensuring that kids stay away from the flame to avoid any injury and should situate the heater in a position where it cannot easily get knocked over.

The Glass Tube Patio Gas Heater is a stylish gas product that is suitable for larger areas or outdoors. It is ideal for those trendy restaurants that want to add an element of ambience. This unit has a sturdy base to prevent it from easily falling over. It has a solid aluminium hood and a stainless steel body. It uses a 9 kilogram cylinder and it weighs 18 kilograms. It is a lean unit that only takes up a floor space of 500mm in diameter and is quite tall at 2280mm. The beautiful flame burns within the glass tube and not only provides sufficient heat but will create a spectacle of wonder within the store.

The Bullet Shaped Patio Gas Heater is another option for restaurants, especially those that entertain outdoors. This unit weighs 18 kilograms with a sturdy base, solid aluminium hood and a powder coated body. This gas heater takes up minimal floor space at 460mm in diameter but is quite high at 2140mm. It uses a 9 kilogram gas cylinder and keeps the entire area around it very warm even when it is outside. This unit includes a flame failure safety device with a tilt switch. This unit would utilise more gas consumption but generates enough heat to keep a reasonable outside area warm. Its trendy metallic grey bullet shape will complement any business or household that can appreciate contemporary designs.

These are a few gas heaters available that will keep your business and restaurant very warm during these cold months. This range of gas heaters will not only benefit businesses but are perfect for domestic use as well.