Flooring Options When Renovating Your Home – White Laminate Options As Opposed to Oak

The flooring options now are vast. Most people settle on oak – whether it be solid or a laminate flooring replica. There are also a range of differing textures. For example, white laminate is often disregarded. Many people are unaware of the beauty this laminate floor can bring to many different rooms in a home.

Top rated White Laminate Flooring

Here is a list of a few top quality laminate






One particular flooring finish that is excellent is that found on the new Riffel white laminate flooring by Egger.

This has the following specifications:

AC5 Hard wearing suitable for commercial or residential use

A 25 year residential Guarantee

11mm x 193mm x 1292mm

Painted V-Groove on 4 sides

Cross Embossed Rustic surface texture

This new texture to this laminate gives a great realistic rustic finish. The painted bevel is also a new addition to this flooring and looks excellent! White laminate is becoming more popular but is still highly over looked. Visit the wooden floor shop online for more details and view the wide range of laminate flooring.

This flooring can also been seen in the tile variety. Due to the high expense of tiles and the cost/time it takes to lay – the laminate tile is becoming more and more popular. Especially during tight times such as now where there just is not the money available. Developers are having to cut back on expenses. The white laminate flooring tiles are a great substitute for solid tiles. They are cost effective and extremely D.I.Y friendly so anyone can put it done.

A great option is the range produced by Egger called Campino Light floor tiles. Below are some of the important specifications

Hard Wearing white Click Laminate flooring tile

AC4 domestic/ Moderate Commercial Wear Rating

15 yr Warranty

1292mm x 326mm x 8mm size

This flooring has a unique pattern with white and cream running through it. This is available from many outlets and online stores on the internet. A competitive price for this Egger range of laminate is around £9.00/m2. White laminate flooring is not only used in bathrooms and kitchens but a move is starting to happen into living rooms and hallways. If your property is not getting a massive amount of light then a light floor, instead of oak often helps brighten up the room. A white laminate floor tends to reflect the light significantly more than other colours and is beneficial in that way. The only problem with a white laminate flooring is that it can show the dirt a little bit more. However, this should not let you be put off – see white laminate as an option – you will be surprised – it might very well work for you – you will not know unless you give it a go!

Hope this article helps you open up your mind to new colours when doing up a room in your home – there is so much out there now and it does not hurt to be adventurous some times!