The Added Advantage of Mace Pepper Gel

Above anything else, you and your family’s safety and protection matters most, whether you are in the confines of your own home, walking in the street or inside your car. Nobody really knows when a criminal may attack you. Remember that the most unfortunate crimes can happen to the most ordinary people. This is why you need the added advantage of Mace pepper gel to protect you at all times.

What Makes Mace Pepper Gel More Effective than Pepper Spray

Think of pepper gel as the improved version of pepper spray. Since the latter has been in the market for a long time now, users were able to evaluate it. Yes, pepper sprays are effective but only when you spray it directly to the face of an attacker due to its limited range, possibility of blowback and shorter duration.

To give you all the safety and protection you need, manufacturers of pepper sprays came up with something that can do the job better. They made it more powerful and extensive, yet safer to use both indoors and outdoors. They dubbed it as pepper gel and here’s what makes it more effective than the spray version:

Wider Range

You can spray Mace pepper gel on an attacker even if he is 18 feet away from you. That’s 8 feet longer than what ordinary pepper sprays can do. This enables you to defend yourself at a safe distance and gives you more time to run for help.

Safe to Use Both Indoors and Outdoors

Unlike pepper sprays that can contaminate your home as well as other people, Mace pepper gel does not. It’s because the gel binds the chemicals together, so it can be used directly on an attacker without affecting yourself or other people around you. This makes it ideal for outdoor use as well.

Intensified and Sticky Formulation

Mace pepper gel contains 1.4% capsaicinoids which is stronger than regular pepper sprays. In just a matter of seconds, he will feel an intense burning sensation, incessant coughing and gagging. And because it’s in gel form, it sticks more effectively to the skin of your attacker. It will take up to 45 minutes for the effects to subdue, giving you a lot of time to flee and report him to the authorities.

Designed for Easier Identification

What’s more is that it contains an ultraviolet dye which is invisible to the human eye but not with the specialized gadgets of authorities. So in case your attacker still has enough energy to run, rest assured that the police will still find him even if he tries to hide in a crowded area.

With all the added advantages of Mace pepper gel, you and your loved ones will feel more safe and secure wherever you are.

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