Learning About Styles of Perimeter Fencing

There are many different styles of perimeter fencing. Some people think that this type of fence is just the institutional metal barriers you would see around the perimeter of a jail or prison. They think of metal wire that stretches high into the air with rolls of razor wire above it and guards on the wall.

Perimeter fencing can be made of wooden planks and constructed so that no one can see what is on the other side of the fence. These are normally called privacy fences and are generally placed around the rear sections of a residential home. Sometimes they are used around certain areas of commercial properties.

Perimeter fencing can be designed out of rounded steel rods that are place vertically or horizontally according to what you think is the most attractive look for your business. You also have to consider what you are using the fence for before you choose the materials and styles of materials.

Many people choose to decorate the posts and the upper portions of perimeter fencing so that they create a unique looking barrier that does what you need it to do. The different caps that can be placed on the posts that create unique looks are as numerous as the actual materials you can use to have the fence built out of.

Perimeter fencing can be made of all steel materials. You can choose thicker steel materials to make the barrier even stronger. You can arrange the steel rods in ways that do not allow people or animals to penetrate the perimeter of your property.

You can get perimeter fencing that has electric charges attached to it. With these fences the person that tries to come over the fence, or under the fence, or through the fence will get an electrical shock. The electrical shock will not be strong enough to cause serious harm or injury to most healthy people or animals. The shock is simply meant to be hard enough to stop the intrusion.

With electric fences you will have to post signs along the fence saying that the fence is electrically charged. This is to protect people from accidental contact with the electricity. You are liable for injuries caused to a person if you do not make every effort to warn people of the possibility of electrical shock if they touch the wire.

Chain link is another style of wire that is used to create these protective barriers. These chain link steel fences will keep most animals of the property and the majority of humans of the property. Your average homeowner version is four feet to six feet tall. Anything over six feet tall is a commercial application that may require some special ordering.

The best thing you can do is have this type of barrier installed by professionals. Professional installers can make sure you have a good looking final product that is straight, level, strong, and durable. Doing the job for yourself will likely take you more time and the final product will not be as dependable.

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