5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Wrought Iron Gates and Aluminum Fences

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Wrought Iron Gates and Aluminum Fences

So you’ve decided that it’s time to install a new fence or gate on your property. But before you start digging holes for the fence posts, there are some important questions you need to ask. Review the following list of questions so that you’re able to successfully install your wrought iron gates, wood fences or aluminum fences.

1. What purpose will the fence serve? Are you installing a fence for purely decorative reasons? Or do you want a fence that provides greater privacy or security for your property? You may also want a specialized fence for a particular area, such as your pool. There are fencing options for all of these situations and more. For example, a wrought iron fence may be stylish, but it doesn’t afford much privacy, while a wood fence may offer privacy but may not be very secure.

2. What style of fence do I want? After you’ve considered the purpose of your fence, you then need to think about style. In most cases, you’ll want a fence that fits with the style of your home and landscaping. For example, a picket fence may look best with a cottage-style home, while wrought iron gates and fences are ideal for Tuscan, Mediterranean and Victorian-style homes. In some cases, you may be able to mix fence styles, such as choosing a detailed wrought iron fence for the front of your home but more basic aluminum fences for the less-visible back yard.

3. Where are my property lines? Before you installing your wrought iron gates and fences, make sure you know where your property begins and ends. You may also want to discuss your plans to install fencing with your neighbors to make sure they don’t have any concerns about the new fence.

4. Are there any utility lines nearby? It’s important to contact your local utility providers to determine the exact location of any underground electrical, water, or gas lines. The utility company should be able to mark the location of those lines so that you or your fence contractor knows where it’s safe to dig.

5. Am I following local zoning regulations? Spending money on new iron gates and fences only to discover that you don’t have permission to erect a fence is sure to be a disappointment. Do your research before you start the project. Make sure you have any necessary building permits and that there aren’t any rules about the size or height of your fence. If you live in a historic district or are a member of a homeowners association, make sure there aren’t any additional rules you need to follow.

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