Exit Doors May or May Not Be Fire Rated Doors

Most nations implement a mandatory exit door on public places such as commercial outlets and industrial premises. Exit doors are crucial to saving lives in the event of a fire or calamity. It is preferred that doors are certified as fire rated doors to provide the necessary protection and safety measures during a fire or unwanted event.


Established and reputable door manufacturers are committed in supplying high quality standard or custom exit that could be made of wood or steel. The local safety and building authorities would insist on the compliance of health and safety in any door installed in any premise. These doors must be independently tested against fire and smoke. Different doors would have different levels of fire and smoke resistance depending on the type of materials used. Some doors can withstand fire resistance of 1- 4 hours if they are compliant to BS176:Part22 1987.

Exit doors that are currently manufactured can be at least 1.2mm thick in zintec corrosion resistance. Other exit can be 1.5mm thick in stainless steel with each leaf fitted with dog bolts and stainless steel hinges. Fire rated or exit can have an infill of internal re-enforcement with a standard door closer.

Exit doors can come in standard single or double doors with an outward opening. These doors can be in prima or powder coated finish of various colors with a long life functionality.

Certified doors

It is crucial to have all exit that are to be used as fire exit to be certified according to the industry safety and health standards as well as the local Fire Rated requirements and coding.

Fire exit doors are designed to offer a swift escape in the event of fire but industry approved fire doors serve to hold back any fire to safeguard the occupants and valuables inside. Not every type of door can be approved as fire rated doors due to the different types of materials and installation imposed on the door.

Acoustic doors installed in various environments have a similar frame as fire exit but the materials involved do not qualify them as fire rated doors although they can function as doors.

Embossed doors may offer better aesthetics to the environment with a greater appeal in their designs but they may not be effective against fire although they can be doors in any emergency. While not several residences might mount one, hearth leave opportunities usually are required with professional areas with the security associated with customers along with personnel. There are lots of forms of hearth leave opportunities available in the market which can be put in depending on the room along with spending budget. On the other hand, hearth leave opportunities need to be put in using the substantial prerequisites of the community security along with health legislation in any premise or perhaps property or home.

Metal opportunities

Flames leave opportunities could be crafted from various kinds associated with materials. Wood hearth leave opportunities usually are weighty to operate as a precautionary portion with regards to hearth however several professional areas favor hearth leave steel opportunities with the many benefits steel provides.