Picking Your Granite Slab From a Specialty Showroom

Granite countertops are a wonderfully luxurious way to finish a residence. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or planning for your brand new house, granite countertops can be one of the most beautiful, luxurious additions to your dream home. Be sure to be well informed when choosing and detailing your own.

Personal Touch

There are many steps involved in choosing the right pattern, grain, and color, as well as the edge pattern and installation method. Visiting a specialty showroom is a wonderful way to start the process of outfitting your home with granite to perfectly fit your needs. Making a decision based upon a small, blurry photograph online or in a catalogue, or on a sheet of small swatch samples pales in comparison to seeing the huge slabs of uncut stone. You can get a much more detailed idea of what will work best for your kitchen. You may even get to pick out the exact slab that will go into your vision for the finished product! Most locations are open during normal daytime business hours, but some vary times and days, so check your local store’s hours before your visit.

Professional, Live Advice Makes the Difference

With a precise understanding of the concept you had in mind for your space, the representative can start making suggestions that match the d├ęcor. Perhaps you can bring a photograph of your existing kitchen or work-in-progress, as well as color swatches and samples, to assist the people in the showroom in directing you to the perfect color or grain of countertop. This could help them understand your personal aesthetics much more easily that a verbal description. What compliments the conditions of the room and your own taste? Which of their offerings best fits your budget? The professionals at the location you visit can help guide you through these decisions and provide help you may not know you needed. Consult one of the wonderful customer service representatives at a showroom to make sure that you quickly and easily find exactly what you’re looking for!

The experience of going to a showroom is surprisingly pleasant. The staff at these places knows their trade backward and forward. They can often answer any questions or reservations you may have off the top of their head, or after a bit of quick research. Many showrooms also have installation teams on site to help you with transportation and installation of your purchase right away. Thus, granite countertop showrooms can be a one stop shop for what is sure to be the centerpiece of your brand new kitchen!