Benefits Of Designing A Natural Light-Filled Home

Benefits Of Designing A Natural Light-Filled Home

Strategically designing a home’s windows to capture the perfect balance of daylight at just the right time of day can bring a home’s interior to life. Bursts of sunshine’s brightness adds color to fill northern homes during shortened winter months. Nothing beats natural daylight for lifting ones spirits and showcase a home’s features.

1) IT IS MORE SUSTAINABLE – Natural lighting is an important tool in attaining sustainability. The generation of electricity is one of the largest contributors of pollution in the United States, which produces harmful chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, carbon and mercury emissions. Start by setting a goal to reduce the use of artificial lighting. Install energy-efficient windows, which make a home more healthy, comfortable and sustainable.

2) NATURAL LIGHT IS HEALTHIER – Natural lighting can naturally lessen the production of harmful organisms and sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants. Sunlight in ample amounts in known to prevent vitamin D and B1 deficiency that may cause diseases such as rickets and beriberi. Poorly designed indoor lighting may add to unhealthy eyestrain from inadequate illumination, glare, and flicker.

3) A NATURALLY LIT HOME IS SAFER – Older Americans have less trouble reading and moving around safely when their homes are filled with natural light. Daylight-filled homes provide a source of illumination brighter than most artificial light, which can help prevent trips and falls in the home. It’s obvious that home renovations which incorporate a naturally lit home just makes life feel better.

4) PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL BENEFITS – The sun’s rays have a way of pouring optimism into an otherwise droll day. It seems to help increase the energy needed to be more active and engage more exercise. Daylight-filled rooms are also proved to sharpen ones mind. A recent study from Loyola University found that people working in sunlight had better short-term memory. Naturally lit homes have a fabulous way of boosting one’s mood.

5) NATURAL LIGHT TRIMS UTILITY BILLS AND SAVES MONEY – Bringing generous amounts of daylight into a home can also help trim utility bills by reducing a homeowners dependence on electricity required to power artificial lighting, and gas or oil to heat the home.

Turning on a few extra lights and setting lamp timers to come on earlier is one easy way to add light to a home. However, it fails to meet the human body’s real craving for more daylight – simply switching on a few more light bulbs won’t cut it.

With the power of sunshine’s warmth to improve a person’s mood, raise energy levels, and boost mental sharpness, homeowners have good reason to invest in home renovations and remodeling projects that bring the daylight outside into the interior of a home.