Making a Family-Friendly Garden: A Guide

Making a Family-Friendly Garden: A Guide

Perhaps you live in the midst of a bustling family home with young children, or else maybe you live alone but are constantly playing host to your friends and family members; either way, there is a myriad of fabulous advantages to making your garden a social haven for both yourself and your loved ones.

So, here for your information and, of course, reading pleasure is a guide on how to make your garden as family-friendly as possible.

Choose Contemporary Designs

A fundamental change to make when remodelling your garden into one of a more family-friendly nature is to choose garden furniture that is architecturally on-trend, sophisticated and modern yet still child friendly. Gardens with a contemporary design theme are becoming increasingly popular across the length and breadth of the country and beyond.

Stick to light grey and natural wooden tones for your decking panels and furniture, and when it comes to your soft furnishings, choose waterproof designs that are neutral and subtle in colour and tone for the adults and a brighter and softer cushion choice for your children.

Additionally, you could also invest in large bean bags to act as additional seating options for younger garden fans, as long as you have adequate storage space for when the weather takes a proverbial turn for the worse.

Shun Symmetry in Favour of Spontaneity

One of the most important things to remember when endeavouring to make your garden substantially more family-friendly is that the time has come to abandon your fastidious attention to detail and embrace the fact that a garden is a growing and living place to be enjoyed, not just a static space with only an aesthetic purpose.

Add a Garden Pond

Another excellent suggestion when it comes to making your outside space as family-friendly as possible is to add a garden pond.

There is a myriad of benefits to the addition of a pond, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Different wildlife will be encouraged to make your pond their home
  2. Ponds help you to relax and unwind
  3. A garden pond is a great way to teach children about nature, wildlife and the environment
  4. Ponds serve to increase the overall value of your property
  5. Empty space can be functionally used with the addition of a pond

If you do decide to have a pond installed in your outdoor space, be sure to converse and consult with a reputable and renowned company, such as Water Garden, that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Other Ways to Increase Your Garden’s Family Friendly Element

Aside from the three discussed in detail above, there is a myriad of other brilliant ways to significantly enhance the family-friendly aspect of your outdoor space, including:

  • Ensure every inch of the garden is as safe as possible
  • Choose low maintenance shrubs over plants and flowers
  • Keep the garden as natural as possible
  • Build a compost heap to teach children about the environment
  • Add some sturdy and hard-wearing pathways
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