The Role of a Backsplash in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

When decorating a room (or an entire house), it is good to start with a master plan. By deciding on the main aspects of decorating such as wall color, flooring, windows, ceiling height, or major appliances right from the beginning(if you’re re-doing your kitchen), you get a good sense of how the room will turn out in the end.

Most die-hard home decorators know whether they are the do-it-yourself variety or the hire-a-professional sort and that details matter profoundly in getting the “look” of a room just right. Much like in fashion, where the right belt or hat can complete an outfit, the right decorative detail can add (or subtract) significantly to a room’s overall appeal.

The Backsplash for Protection

Take the backsplash, for example. A backsplash is the vertical extension of a counter. It is usually installed to protect the walls. Most kitchens have them and some bathrooms do – but overall, it is a detail that is almost an afterthought in a remodeling project.

In the bathroom, installing a backsplash can prevent water from seeping behind the counter, which can cause rot over time. In the kitchen, a backsplash protects walls from stains, since most of them are made from stain resistant materials such as granite or stone.

Backsplashes are fairly easy to install. A handy jack-of-all trades can install one without much trouble. It certainly won’t cost an arm and leg if you choose to hire a professional. You can choose tiles, granite or some other material, which will greatly determine the total cost for your backsplash. With the number of options available on the market today, there’s bound to be a backsplash for every budget.

The Backsplash as Decorative Statement

Experienced decorators however, know how to use a humble decorating detail such as an ordinary backsplash to complete a room’s appeal. The right backsplash adds to a room’s “wow” factor without drawing attention to itself. It is precisely the kind of decorating detail that, if you get it right, pulls a room together. It helps not only to define space, but to enhance it. Not bad for being an ordinary counter extension.

In the end, installing a backsplash could come down to budget and taste. However, for what they do (protect your walls), as well as for their ease, availability and affordability, there seems to be no reason not to let this little detail make a big difference in your kitchen or bathroom.

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