If you have commercial premises that use water, engine oils, chemicals, or cooking oils, it is important to invest in custom rugs with logo with drainage features. We have written a comprehensive article about rubber matting and its benefits. We suggest that you see this first before reading this post.

In this article, we will concentrate on the thin rubber matting that we stock and how these products would work in specific environments.

These are some of the many benefits offered by rubber matting.

  • Floor tiles offer a broad coverage
  • Anti-fatigue comfort when standing for long periods
  • Eliminate slips and falls
  • Give traction to the flooring
  • Protect your floors from the damage caused by falling objects and liquids
  • Improve hygiene in your area

These rubber flooring rolls are great because they have all these advantages and allow you to tailor the area and size. The thin rubber sheets can be used in busy and wet areas as the mat-to-floor height difference is small. This reduces tripping risks.

Mat Supplier stocks some of the most popular brands of thin rubber flooring. The majority of them are available in rubber sheets. However, we also carry colours. Let’s examine their main characteristics.

Bubble Mats

When you stand still for too long, blood vessels in your legs and feet constrict. This can reduce blood flow and cause discomfort.

Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mats are air pockets that allow employees to move in subtle ways. This results in increased blood flow that provides comfort and support. Comfortable employees will be more productive and have better concentration.

These molded rubber matting are indestructible and can withstand water, moisture or chemicals.

This rubber matting is handy:

  • When you have to stand for extended periods, use assembly lines and counters.
  • If you work in wet environments that involve fluids, water and chemicals, as well as greases of all types,

Great for use in:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
  • Kitchens
  • Retail counters
  • Workshops

Comfort Drain Runner Matting

Comfort Drain Runner Matting includes drainage holes with an elevated top that allows liquids and water to drain away from the mat. This helps reduce slip-and-fall hazards.

Runner matting has 100% rubber. It is impervious to moisture, greases, chemicals and fluids. This makes it a great choice when working in harsh industrial, warehouse and commercial kitchen environments. The rubber’s flexibility combined with the air pockets at the underside of the mat allow for subtly movement, which promotes blood flow to feet and legs. Employees can move and adjust the feet throughout their day, which increases circulation, comfort, and productivity.

This rubber matting thin is useful:

  • If work requires long standing, you will need to use assembly lines and counters.
  • If you work in wet areas, fluids, chemicals, and greases all types are possible

Great for use in:

  • Pool areas
  • Shower areas
  • Jacuzzis
  • Hot tubs
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
  • Kitchens

Wide Rib Rubber Matting

The Wide Rib Rubber Matting’s ribbed surface provides traction.

The corrugated rubber mat runner matting is wide-ribbed, corrugated and shock absorbent. This is a great way for commercial flooring to be protected from regular wear and falling objects. These mats offer a moderate shock absorption to ensure that hard objects don’t scratch the floors. The mats provide protection for machine parts, by cushioning them when they fall.