Simple Energy-Saving Solutions

Simple Energy-Saving Solutions

After the obvious expenses of home ownership, which includes, saving for the down – payment, monthly mortgage carrying costs, etc, the cost of energy, is often, one of the most significant. Those living in colder climates, must consider, both their cost of electricity, as well as heating fuel (either oil, gas, electric, or other), while those in milder areas, face higher average electric usage. While there are many, somewhat, expensive possibilities, most people, do not want to commit, to these extra, often – extraordinary costs. Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, identify, and discuss, 6 simple, basic, relatively inexpensive, energy – savings solutions.

1. Thermostat – Lower temperatures, and setback: Every degree, one sets his thermostat back, saves a considerable amount of money, so doesn’t it make sense, to attempt, to get used to living in slightly cooler environments? In addition, using a setback thermostat, which automatically, lowers the temperature setting, during certain hours, such as day times, when no one is home, or overnight, when most people enjoy sleeping, in slightly cooler environments, save a considerable amount of energy, and, thus, expense.

2. Check insulation: Many homes might benefit, by addressing areas, where the insulation, is either, ineffective, insufficient, lacking, or, of an older, less energy – efficient variety. Addressing this, often, is rather simple, and not very costly.

3. Have boiler and burner tuned, and maintained: If one wishes to save energy, doesn’t it make sense, to consistently proceed, and prepare, for the winter season, by having the burner and boiler, tuned and preventively, maintained, prior to the season. Most people, especially those who use oil heat, purchase maintenance contracts, in preparation, to avoid any unexpected emergencies/ contingencies. These generally provide annual preventive maintenance!

4. Separate hot water tank: When one has a separate hot water tank, not only, does he have access, to more hot water, but, also, it generally saves, a considerable amount of fuel costs, because, one only needs, to heat this tank, rather than having his entire system, running (as in the case, when a coil is used,instead of a tank). Many set the temperature for this water, excessively high, so setting a slightly lower temperature, lowers energy costs.

5. Winter curtains/ drapes: If you discover an excessive amount of air, escaping under a door, or window, using some sort of simple, basic, curtains or drapes, often, significant reduces this waste.

6. Close doors and windows: While it might seem obvious, it’s amazing how much heat (in the winter), and air conditioning (in hotter weather), is lost/ wasted, simply, because windows are not securely closed, or doors are left open, rather than merely closing them.

Saving on energy costs is obviously an important goal, for most homeowners, so doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, using basic, simple techniques, to save, on these. Will you commit, to doing so, in order to being your own, best friend?

Infographic Provided By Solar Panel Installation Company, Sunburst Solar

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