Is the Perimeter Only System Enough Protection?

Assessing Your Needs

A Perimeter Only system is just that – only the perimeter entry points to your home are protected.

All the doors and windows are protected by magnetic contact intrusion sensors and can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. Generally all openings within easy reach would be protected. This certainly means the ground floor, basement windows or doors as well as selected windows on the second floor. A good rule of thumb is if a person can be boosted by a helper to reach a second floor window, then that opening should also be protected.

The perimeter system is a good starting point that can be built on, depending on your unique needs.

Other important considerations:

• Leaving out essentials “because they are too expensive” will sidestep the role of a real expert security analysis and may put the home in harms-way. Balance what you can afford, with what you need

• The blending of wired and wireless components may be your best choice and can be programmed to secure the different zones of the home. The use of a wireless receiver that is integrated with the wired system makes this system a Hybrid type one. The goal is to avoid the more vulnerable “all in one” wireless system by adding a wireless receiver to a regular wired alarm and fire system.

• Some systems even allow for remote system servicing which reduces costs of having a large service team on staff. Ask your technician if this option is available

Energy Efficiency