Install Durable Porcelain Tiles That Look Exactly Like Dainty Natural Stone

While people would say that an imitation is a cheaper compromise, porcelain tiles that look like stone bring home many advantages. The robustness and ease of caring for porcelain and the affordable prices are not all. Porcelain does not get scratched and stained. It is light weight and easy to install besides keeping out wetness. Inkjet printing technology made it all possible with a great variety of realistic surfaces like fabric, cement and metal being available. Create awesome fancy designs with porcelain tiles.

Pearl Pietra 2×4 Porcelain

One of those inkjet technology wonders, you get ultra fine resolution and each tile looks different. The surface does not fade either and the pretty looks would endure for many long years. Use them on the floors of residences and in light commercial applications.

Statuario Pietra 2×4 Porcelain

Be convinced that authentic marble surfaces are really reproduced in all their glory! A delicate white background and scattered gray veining bring the truth of the accomplished Italian marble. Why not install it on the kitchen backsplash where everyone would get a closer view?

Grigio Onyx Porcelain

If you insist upon the genuine marble or travertine, go for it. They are costly and hard to maintain. In the bathroom, porcelain tiles with waterproof features would do fine. Gray, white and gold shades combine with an outstanding matte effect. Get them in several sizes for easy designing.

Bianco Aria Porcelain

Porcelain tiles with the marble looks are not as uniform as you think. Advanced technology prints a variety of designs and changes with every 30 tiles of 12X12 size! An impression of splendid variety is created when they have been installed, just like natural marble.

Beige Travertino Porcelain

If you want to cover a large floor area with real travertine, that is going to be quite costly. Porcelain tiles bring you the same effect at much reduced expense with all the advantages. Rain and snow, mud and pets are no problem and the entry way is strong. Keeping out water, who would think that inexpensive porcelains would have so many advantages?

Everybody loves the infinite varieties of natural stone like onyx and slate. Yet, they cannot be installed in every situation due to several reasons. Porcelain tiles would be an excellent substitute and bring great happiness with a variety of printed patterns that are strong enough to last for years. Compare porcelains and ceramics too.

Choose the ones that best suit the budget and fancies.

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