Cleaning Procedures of Gold Picture Frames

Cleaning Procedures of Gold Picture Frames

Gold picture frames define the meaning of sophistication and elegance. Since ages, there has been a craze for using the gold frames, which enhance the beauty of the photo to be framed in it. The market is inundated with frames, which differ in variety, but nothing stands in comparison to the look and exuberance of the golden looking frames. But these should be maintained properly to ensure that the texture of the gold look can retain the shining quality.

Know the ways of keeping Gold Frame Clean

Gold type of frames should be preserved to utmost care to maintain its timeless beauty. A gold frame enhances the elegance of your room d├ęcor and a few other most selected items will only complement the golden beauty. You will find such kinds of frames appear in varieties and this includes brass frames, golden leaf frames, antique golden looking frames, ornate frames with the golden shine and much more.

To ensure that the frames are maintained clean you need to find the broken areas, which should be healed first. The gaping looks will ruin the whole beauty. Fill in with silicon epoxy and what you can do is mold the shape of the silicon in your desired shape. But before you mount it on the wall, make sure that the silicon is left to dry for a stretch of 45 minutes.

Take a toothpick and with the pointed end you can etch out a design you want. The best thing is the silicon is a little wet and so you can have the most complicated design. Once it gets dry the frame will look its best.

You should rub the frame everyday with a moist cotton ball to clean off the dust. The best thing is that the soaked cotton swab will suck in any dirt quickly and make the frame look instantly shining. You should make this a habit everyday so as to ensure that the frame looks bright.

The actual framework of the frames is made by giving a plastic molding on the wooden framework. Now, plaster has a tendency to tear out. Therefore, you should keep a watch of the damages and ensure that the frame is rightly plastered. Once you feel that the golden look is trying to fade, spray varnish and paint it with golden color. The choice is yours whether you want a glossy paint or a matte finish. Both will protect the frame and will exude the vibrant look.

You must be thinking of what to do exactly with those areas of the frames which look like large blotches of plaster. You can paint the golden color or can also conceal the damage with varnish spray. The golden leaf can conceal the area craftily and this will give a new look.

Hence, give the gold look a shining edge to enhance the look of the room.