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Call Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Today

Kiwi carpet cleaning offers its service to many different locales across the United States, such as Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix. All cleaning services provided by Kiwi includes the same quality measures that are guaranteed to lift out all but the toughest stains in carpet. These steps include: vacuuming, grooming, carpet pretreatments, and carpets cleaning with Kiwi’s specialty carpet cleaner. Kiwi will even move the furniture that is needed before and after the cleaning, which is something that many carpet cleaners will not do.

Kiwi offers all of its customers a one year cleaning service policy that guarantees 24/7 service. Kiwi carpet cleaning officials are available at all hours in case of emergencies. If interested in calling Kiwi, call 1-800-333-KIWI to see if their service is available in your area.

There are about five different forms of carpet cleaning available, and Kiwi has been using the bonnet method since the company was first in business. The decision to continue using the bonnet method was made after initially, the company would visit customers who had previously had a steam cleaning. The bonnets are white before a cleaning session, were completely black after being used, even after the carpet had been cleaned once.

After a cleaning session, the carpet should be completely dry after an hour. This is because Kiwi uses a minimal amount of water and does not soak the carpet like some cleaning methods do. After some steam cleaning treatments, it can take up to a week for the padding underneath carpet to fully dry, making a risk for mold and mildew. There is no risk of mildew after a cleaning session with Kiwi.

The cleaning solution that Kiwi uses is completely environmentally friendly. Pets and children are safe as there are no harmful chemicals or carcinogens in the cleaning solution. The solution has a light, citrus smell, and has been developed by Kiwi carpet cleaning.